Switch Pros and Radio Intercom Support

Switch Pros and Radio Intercom Support

Look no further for those looking to remove our physical push-to-talk (PTT) buttons from our radio install; we got you.

The first thing you want to do is change the settings in your Switch Pros for the button circuit you wish to use to momentary use, not latching.

The only way to successfully do this is with one relay per PTT button you want to replace. Using the switch pro without a relay can damage the radio. At the very least, it will introduce a ground loop, causing horrendous engine noise in the radio, heard by both sides of the transmission. We suggest buying the cheaper, shortest PTT buttons with your radio to facilitate this. You will either need to cut the PTT buttons off near the button or dismantle them. You can install the Switch Pro to activate your relay coil and install the radio PTT switch wiring to the normally open terminals of the relay. It does not matter which wire gets installed to which terminal as long as they are normally open. 

If you need help further understanding automotive relays, please look here, as Del City has an excellent explanation and example.

Automotive relay diagram

Terminals 30 and 87 will be used for the original PTT buttons, two individual wires.
Terminal 86 needs to be wired to the Switch Pros Circuit of choice.
Terminal 85 needs to be wired to ground, preferably a known ground, where other grounds are gathered or directly to the negative terminal of the vehicle's battery.

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